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Welcome to Muscleville

The Fastest Place on Earth

Where Every Day is a Performance Day

Crowley CJDR invites you to take a road trip to Muscleville, where the journey begins as soon as your foot hits the gas. Experience the sheer power of Dodge muscle cars, from their dominating speed and high performance to their sleek curves and design.


Up for the adventure? Schedule a test drive with Crowley CJDR today and see why gearheads everywhere are flocking to Muscleville, USA. Lead the pack with a Dodge vehicle that delivers an impressive combination of power, technology, capability and efficiency.  



Choose Your Player

2022 Dodge Charger

A Descendent of Domination


With more than 45 years of muscle-car heritage, the Dodge Charger continues the lineage with a bolt of amped-up, modern-day electricity. With a low, lean profile, scalloped bodyside and a choice of 14 available wheel designs, the Charger matches its power and style and delivers one unforgettable ride.


Rule the Road


2022 Dodge Challenger

Unmistakable Muscle


Bigger and badder than ever before, the Dodge Challenger is built to take the streets by storm. It pushes the limits of modern-day muscle cars with its daunting, heritage-inspired design, safety-focused features and visceral performance. Redefine speed with the 2019 Dodge Challenger.


Command the Streets